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Case study: List Minut

By Sara Tircher on September, 7 2021
Jonathan Schockaert Co-founder and CEO of listminut - bevopr

In these difficult times, it's like we have only one word in our mouths: corona virus. As far as wondering: but what were we talking about before this crisis broke out?

We obviously have a thought for all those involved such as the medical profession and those affected directly or indirectly by the disease. 

It’s in times of crisis that sometimes the most beautiful initiatives are born (isn’t that poetic?). Indeed, several companies are mobilizing to help overcome this crisis. Among them, ListMinut has launched an appeal for solidarity to its 16,926 service providers to give voluntary service to people in need! GG 😎

Never heard of them? Take a look at this short video!


Does this Belgian start-up, whose very essence is mutual aid, inspire you? Breaking news, they are on bevopr 🎉

They are indeed looking for their next talent! Come to the platform and try to match with them. Good luck 💪


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