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IT Developers: 8 Solutions to Avoid a Flood of Irrelevant Job Offers

By Sara Tircher on September, 7 2021
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IT developers receive a huge number of job offers; so many, in fact, that they often feel like hiding so that they are no longer contacted. As a result, the gap between supply and demand is widening, to the point of creating a real shortage on the Belgian market. How did it come to this? And what are the solutions?

The most wanted people in the IT sector

Whether in the United States, France or Belgium, there are not enough developers to meet the ever-increasing demand. Our country alone needs an extra 16,000 encoders. How has this happened? Many IT developers testify to an overload of job offers, as can be seen on the forum Reddit.

From the lively discussion, two key points stand out:

1. The feeling of being considered as "fresh meat"

2. The (many) job offers sent do not match the developer's skills


What solutions?

How can you avoid the overload of job offers? First of all, let's say that if you're being "harassed", it might be good news! Let me explain: if you are lucky enough to be a "good profile" and to work in a highly sought-after profession on the market, being contacted is almost inevitable! On the other hand, it is perfectly possible for you to limit the impact of this harassment.

👇 Discover 8 simple but effective solutions 👇

1. Be precise and clear about what you are looking for. We advise you to mention this information on your LinkedIn profile in the "about" section. Many recruiters or hiring managers consult this part of your profile to get an idea of what you are looking for. This will prevent you from being chased for the wrong jobs.

2. In the same vein, we advise you to make a small summary at the top of your CV. These few lines should mention what you are looking for, the highlights of your experience, the technologies you master, AND whether or not you want to move to a new technology. You have to guide them because unfortunately not everyone takes the time to read your resume properly. If your CV is clear, you will limit non-relevant offers.

3. If you are registered on job boards, it is important to fill the complete description of your profile, which is too often left blank! Summarise your career path, specify your expectations and criteria and it will save everyone time. 

4. Reserve time slots! You will greatly limit the number of calls and emails by first specifying how you can be contacted (phone/email/homing pigeon) and secondly , when you are available to be contacted. For example you could mention on your CV, job boards or any other communication: "I'm available on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 5pm and 9pm to discuss possible offers, please contact me only during these times".

5. If you feel like you receive too many calls, take a second number specially dedicated for finding a new job/mission. This way, you can activate it only during the time slots that suit you and be left alone the rest of the time.

6. Another trick is to create an email address especially for your job search. This way, you won't see your private or professional mailbox flooded by offers. 

7. In order to limit the number of contacts from dozens and dozens of agencies, check the Google reviews of the different recruitment agencies to find out how they approach candidates and if they match your needs and expectations. You can therefore, if you prefer to be left alone, avoid leaving information with agencies that may be considered as "sharky".

8. Last solution, quite obvious but yet so little practiced! Once you've found a job/mission, make sure you remove your resume from the job boards and update your LinkedIn profile! Easy to do, and a time saviour. 

The solutions above will depend on whether you are actively or passively looking for a job! But in general, the more precise you are about your expectations, the less you will be harassed or receive irrelevant offers.

A discreet way to find a job or a mission

New ways are also being created to allow developers to find their next mission easily and discreetly. Indeed, an increasing number of applications are being launched all over the world, aiming to simplify the recruitment process. In Belgium, the platform bevopr is taking on the challenge. It is based on the principle Like-Match-Chat, but applied to a job search:

  • Simplified → no CV required
  • Non-invasive → the developer chooses who can contact them
  • ... And fast → very short registration time of + or - 2 minutes

This platform will help you to keep a low profile and avoid being contacted about jobs that do not match your wishes and qualifications. Click on the video below to discover how it works!



Want to know more about bevopr?


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