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What do the users think about bevopr

By Laurent Falise on March, 10 2022


With nearly 4000 registered developers and more than 300 joining the platform each month, bevopr has established itself as one of the leading IT recruitment marketplaces in Belgium.

Discover in this article the testimonies of Brolz and Aliye - a web developer - who have both found the right match on Bevopr.


The bevopr experience by Brolz


"The whole process took 6 weeks, between hearing about bevopr and the first day of work"

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The bevopr experience seen by our developers



Interview with Aliye K. who found a job in just 2 weeks thanks to bevopr.

"In the end it was the first company I got matched with."


Did you know the kind of job you were looking for?

I knew which kind of job I was looking for. I knew my skills. I also had an idea which kind of company I would like to work for.  For example, I don't want to work for a consultancy company.  I was also looking for a job close to home and want to have good balance for work-life 

Was the like, match, chat principle good?

Yes it worked well. In the end it was the first company I got matched with. But in particular I could make my search very specific. In that way  I had already very limited list of choices 

How long did it take you to find a job through bevopr?

2 weeks including all 3 interviews :) 

Where else were you looking for a job? What were the main differences?

I am contacted very often with recruiters and may be half of it even does not match with my profile. With bepovr I can make my decision without any recruiter in my own time.


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